Task Force Members

Omid Ansary, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Penn State Harrisburg
Richard Brazier*, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Commonwealth Campuses
Cory Chapman, Associate Athletic Director for Facility and Event Operations
Duane Elmore*, Director of Procurement Services, Auxiliary and Business Services
Meghan Hoskins, Director of Operations and Partnerships, Sustainability Institute
Brian Macafee, Assistant Manager of Farm and Operations Services, College of Agricultural Sciences
Ryan McCaughey, Manager of Grounds, Equipment, and Solid Waste, Office of Physical Plant
Phillip Melnick (co-chair), Senior Director of Buildings and Grounds, Office of Physical Plant
Judd Michael*, Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, College of Agricultural Sciences
Nicole Rella, Student, Environmental Resource Management, University Park
Jim Richard*, Senior Director of Enterprise Services, Housing and Food Services
Tom Richard* (co-chair), Director of Institutes of Energy and the Environment
Bob Segura*, Assistant Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Office of Physical Plant
Haley Stauffer, Student, Biorenewable Systems, University Park
Lydia Vandenbergh*, Associate Director of Employee Engagement and Education, Sustainability Institute
Karen Winterich*, Professor of Marketing, Smeal College of Business

*indicates subcommittee lead

Ad hoc members
John Bechtel, Assistant Director of Design and Construction, Office of Physical Plant
Erik Cagle, Manager of Custodial Operations, Office of Physical Plant
Conal Carr, Director of Housing and Ancillary Services, Auxiliary and Business Services
David Cullmer, Sustainable Operations Analyst, Sustainability Institute
Nadine Davitt, Supervisor of Solid Waste and Labor Operations, Office of Physical Plant
Mary Easterling, Associate Director of Analysis and Assessment, Sustainability Institute
Nathan Elser, Graduate Student, Biorenewable Systems, University Park
Glenn Feagley, Manager, Lion Surplus
Doug Goodstein, Associate Director for Student Engagement, Sustainability Institute
Victoria Indivero, Writer/Editor, Institutes of Energy and the Environment
Maryam Shahri, Graduate Student, Biorenewable Systems, University Park